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Kashmir's Finest Produce

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Welcome to Aagur

"Aagur" means 'the origin' in Kashmiri.

We're growers and travellers who bring you the cream-of-the-crop native varieties of saffron (kesar), walnuts, almonds, honey and more.

Each product is meticulously sorted and falls into the top 10% of the year's harvest.

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Exceptional | Wholesome | Natural

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Grade A1 Kashmir Saffron

The most aromatic, flavourful and potent saffron strain in the world from Pampore, Kashmir. 

Image by amirali mirhashemian

Almonds (Badams)

Oil-rich and nutty delicious, our Mamras and Gurbandis from south Kashmir. Grown organically in India - not imported!



Crunchy, oil-rich and delicious, the original and organic walnuts from Kupwara, Kashmir.

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Kashmiri Red Chilli

Grown, harvested and packed in-house. Freshly ground each weekend at the mill. Aromatic with an extraordinary colour release.

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Original Tellicherry Pepper

The most sought after and rarest grade of Malabari pepper. Extra-special, woody, citrusy and a lot more.

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Snow Mountain Garlic / Kashmiri Lehsun

A hidden gem from the Himalayas. The superfood of choice for mountaineers. Amazing for the lungs and brilliant cancer fighting properties.


Morel (Gucci) Mushrooms

Chefs consider it the most exotic mushroom. Wild and organic harvest foraged from the upper Himalayan forests of Gurez near the India-Pak border. 


Honey from the Himalayas

Raw and bottled straight from the beehive. Light, fruity & exceptional.

Jams Kashmir Fresh Fruit.png

Artisanal Jams

Carefully crafted jams from local produce in Kashmir. Some amazing mulberry, blackberry, fig (anjeer) and quince!

"By far, the best saffron I have ever used. I was overwhelmed by the aroma it gives. The colour release takes a while but is spectacularly heavy when it does."

— Shalini Goyal

"Outstanding customer service with prompt responses and swift delivery. The mulberry jam and saffron are the best I have ever had. The packaging is top-class!"

— Vasudha Verghese

"The saffron was an absolute delight while the almonds and walnuts reminded me of my childhood. My go-to brand to buy dry fruits online"

— Priya Oberoi

"Superb packaging, speedy delivery to Chennai and amazingly fresh walnuts. Also, the pepper is genuine jumbo Tellicherry - I grew up in Kerala."

— Santhanam A

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