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Largest and most aromatic peppercorns grown in India. 


Top 10% of all Malabar pepper.



Considered by connoisseurs and chefs globally as the world's finest pepper, Tellicherry pepper is the creme-de-la-creme of all peppers grown along the Malabar coast. A rare and exceptional gourmet ingredient known for its large size of peppercorns, a subtle woody aroma and an unmatched zing in flavour.


Sourced from two verified plantations near Tellicherry and Wayanad, Aagur's carefully selected and vine-ripened peppers are sorted and graded to the highest standards possible ensuring that you get the very best. 


What makes Aagur's Tellicherry Pepper special?

Aagur's Pepper is perfectly balanced and stands at the upper end of the Tellicherry pyramid with an average size of 4.75mm and more, also known in the spice trade as TSEB (Tellicherry Special Extra Bold). It is the rarest of the Tellicherry Peppers and stands out for its subtle woody and citrusy notes, unlike generic Malabar pepper. The bigger the peppercorn, the more the aroma. Most importantly, Aagur's pepper is fresh, fragrant and sourced straight from the farms. 


Recommended storage and usage:

To derive the best aroma, use a traditional mortar-pestle. 

Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

100 grams Tellicherry Pepper (Special Extra Bold)

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