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Considered by connoisseurs as the most exotic of all mushrooms.


Foraged wild and organic Himalayan produce.


Manually sorted Jumbo morels with dark colour.



Upper Himalayan forests in Gurez near the India-Pakistan border.


What makes it special?

Prized by gourmet chefs across the world for its earthy flavour similar to Italian truffles and a unique meaty texture. Himalayan morels or Gucci are rare and sprout after rainfall in forests of the upper Himalayas. Villagers forage the hilly slopes for this prized culinary ingredient in the forests the moment the rain stops.


It is the unique flavour of morels along with its rarity and extensive manual foraging required to acquire them, that lends it a special place on festive occasions, special dinners and other events.


Aagur's morels are manually sorted to ensure that only large and dark coloured morels that have a more intense flavour are graded and packed for our clients.



Morels undergo minimal processing in order to retain their earthy flavour. Crevices on the cap may harbour debris and sometimes insects. Follow the usage instructions below to mitigate any such issue.


Usage instructions:

Re-hydrate in salt/sugar water for 45 minutes and whisk to remove any debris. Then, place on a clean napkin and pat dry.


Recommended storage:

Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Premium Morel Mushrooms (Gucci)

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