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Kashmir Mogra Pure Saffron

World's Finest Kashmiri Saffron (Kesar)

Pure, unrushed & natural

aagur saffron

The Aagur

Pampore, Kashmir.

Each strand of our Kashmiri saffron (kesar / jafran) originates from family-run farms in the heartland of saffron county - Pampore, a 20 minute drive from our head office in Srinagar, where the world's finest strains of saffron grow.

Through saffron farms taken on lease by Aagur and privileged relationships with saffron cultivating families, Aagur acquires the rarest and most potent lots of Kashmiri saffron each year.


Only 1% of the global supply

Through extensive sorting backed by a team of experts, we offer the highest standard of pure Kashmir saffron (kesar) one can buy online.

Ours is the rarest variety of saffron in the world with the highest levels of safranal, crocin & picrocrocin - compounds which give saffron its intense aroma, vivid colour and characteristic taste, that authentic Pampori Mogra / Mongra saffron is known for.

Saffron Flowers Sorting
Original Grade A Kashmir Saffron

Robust health

Health benefits of Kashmir Mogra Saffron

Richer than other saffron varieties in anti-oxidants such as safranal and crocin, the original Mogra / Mongra Kashmir saffron we offer has immense health benefits.


Studies show that pure and natural saffron is a mood enhancer, a mild aphrodisiac, a power anti-oxidant for nervous disorders and PMS symptoms among others. Kashmiri Kesar or Saffron is considered highly beneficial for expectant mothers. 

It also makes for an exceptional gift to new couples, expectant parents and to others during the festive season and special occasions.

We sell premium quality Kashmiri saffron online in India, catering to the larger population and helping them acquire the finest saffron having a heady aroma and immense health benefits.

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