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Organic | Unpasteurised | No additives | No preservatives | No artifical flavours | No thickeners


Premium Mono-floral and Multi-floral honey varieties of Kashmir



Our Acacia a.k.a Kashmir White Honey comes from the nomadic apiaries in Ganderbal, Kashmir. 


Our fruity Multi-floral natural honey variety comes from grassland apiaries in Tral, south Kashmir.


The Uri Black honey comes from actual beehives in the forests in Uri, in proximity of the India-Pakistan border.



Spring flowers of the Kashmir Acacia tree (robina psuedoacacia) for Mono-floral honey

Spring-Summer grassland flowers for amber Multi-floral honey

Summer forest flora is the next nector source for the Uri Black honey.


Flavour notes:

Mono-floral Honey - Floral | Fruity | Vanilla | Light

Multi-floral Honey - Sweet | Acidic | Woody | Fruity

Uri Black Multi-floral Honey -