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Snow Mountain Garlic / Single-pod Garlic / Kashmiri Lehsun


Kashmir's rarest premium pods (~15mm and above)


The hidden gem of the Himalayas and traditional superfood of choice for mountaineers. A rare and healthy gourmet ingredient, that grows in a pristine pollution-free environment in the upper Himalayas between an altutide of 5000-6000 feet with very low oxygen in negative celcius temperatures. 


A prized culinary ingredient that is used for its immense health benefits. 


Aagur's snow mountain garlic or single-pod garlic pods, also known as Kashmiri Lehsun or Ek Pothi Lasun, are hand selected ensuring that you get premium large pods that are fully ripened with crisp shells that are easy to open.


Health Benefits of Kashmiri Lehsun:

Have 2-3 garlic pods followed by water each morning and observe one's health improve.


1.) Fights Cancer: Researchers at the University of North Carolina have found that patients who consume snow mountain garlic have a 66.67% per cent lesser probability to get cancer.


2.) Cold & Cough: Science says that the risk of catching cold and cough reduces by ~50%. 


3.) Healthy lungs: Regular consumption of the Snow Mountain Garlic results in significant improvement in lung health. Tests show remarkable relief to heavy smokers and those with ashthama


4.) Reduces cholestrol: Research shows that snow mountain garlic lowers about 20 mg/dl Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels in human body.


6-7 times more potent than generic garlic.


Recommended storage:

Store in a cool and dry place.


Snow Mountain Garlic / Single-pod Himalayan Garlic (Rare Jumbo Pods)

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