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Hand-picked Kashmiri Walnuts (Akhrot)


The Aagur

Location: Kupwara, north Kashmir.

Our walnuts (akhrot) come from family run groves and selected especially from mature trees called the Juglans Regia that yield thin-shelled Kagzis

The groves we engage with use traditional organic farming methods all the way from washing the walnuts to naturally sun-drying them.


Experience the finest organic walnuts

Aagur's walnuts are sweet with shells that crack in one hand - true Kagzis!

You will be amazed to find the high kernel to shell ratio, high oil content and a distinct nutty flavour in Aagur's organic walnuts (akhrots). 

Get excellent quality Kashmiri walnuts online that come loaded with antioxidants, fibres, and other essential nutrients straight from the valleys of Kashmir.

You can buy organic walnuts online in different varieties, including both with-shell Kagzis, kernel halves and kernel quarters online, through this webstore of Aagur.

Aagur Fresh Walnut Kernels.jpg
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