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PB Kashmir Mamra Almonds

Our Philosophy

Kashmiri Fresh Organic Walnuts

What is "Aagur"?

Aagur means 'the origin' in Kashmiri, be it Gangotri as Aagur of the Ganga or a mother as Aagur of her child. 

We go the Aagur of things people love to have on the table. In other words, we go strain hunting for the finest and rarest varieties of dry fruits, saffron, honey, spices and other edibles and offer them to our patrons through our online store.

The journey has taken us strain hunting organic gourmet items from the Indo-Pakistan border to Drass, the coldest inhabited place on earth.

Aagur is an ongoing journey and quest........

We sort each produce and offer exclusively the cream of the crop

Our forte

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Verified plantations

From long hikes to remote orchards & farms in the Himalayas to dangerous journeys at the Indo-Pak border, Aagur locates the purest source of a food ingredient and brings it from farm to one's table.

Kashmir Pure Saffron Mogra.jpg

Authentic flavours

Each strain or variety of a product, be it the ones on offer or ones coming up, are thoroughly tested for an authentic flavour - the key characteristic which makes each Aagur product special.

Kashmir Snow White Kagzi Walnuts.jpeg

Natural desi strains

The strains we offer are among the healthiest of any given product: be it our delicious organic dry fruits with high oil content or our saffron with the highest safranal and crocin rating in the world.

Exclusively Exceptional Ingredients

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Straight from the
farms & orchards

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Untitled design (56).png

sorted & packed


Express air-shipped to you across India

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