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Oil-rich Kashmiri
Mamra and Gurbandi Almonds (Badam)

kashmiri almonds farm

The Aagur

Location: Pulwama, south Kashmir.

In the heart of the almond belt of Kashmir, northern India, where some of the world's finest Mamra and Gurbandi almonds are grown in family owned orchards since centuries. 

The cream-of-the-crop is procured from each orchard ensuring outstanding quality of both flavour and aesthetic. 


Oil-rich, sweet and one-tree

Take an almond, break it into half and then crush it over a piece of paper to see the extraordinarily high oil content that Aagur's Kashmiri Mamra Almonds and Kashmir Gurbandi almonds have.

The oil lends our Kashmiri almonds their strong flavour and ensures immense health benefits that high-quality almonds must provide.


With the promise of taste and quality, Aagur has lived up to its reputation for being the ultimate destination to buy Kashmiri almonds online in India.

kashmiri almonds in glass jar
Kashmir Almond Butter

Play with them

A healthy gourmet ingredient

Whisk them for a few minutes in a mixer and create your own healthy home-made almond butter - do add salt! We recommend trying this 3 minute almond butter recipe by Nisa Homey.

Or soak them for 24 hours in water until the almonds swell, peel them, add suitable amount of water and place in a mixer to make almond milk. 

Almonds more than apples, keep doctors away!

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