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Orchards in June 2021

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

A small picture journey as we travelled through the orchards in Kashmir this month. The almonds and walnuts are fruiting. So are the apples looking like scaled down and green dyed versions of what they'll be come end-August. The cherries were being picked, packed and dispatched out of state. It is summer and it is beautiful!

The almonds in Pulwama

The fruiting seems to be large almonds, just the way we wanted it. Most excited to see how they turn out.

Cherry picking time (Srinagar outskirts)

June is cherry season with busy plucking, cleaning, packing and dispatching of fresh cherries. The harvest was good, some say owing to harsh snowy winter we saw last season. The cherries were large, juicy and delicious.

The apples have grown in Tral, south Kashmir

Little tiny apples have appeared on the trees around Tral. They'll be big, red and delicious in a couple of months. We are working out a mechanism of "plucking and shipping" cartons to directly from the farms to our webshop clients. Hopefully, it all works out and you get the freshest and juiciest apples from Kashmir.

The Kagzi Walnuts in Shupiyan

We'll be shooting a video soon, a behind-the-scenes of how we harvest the walnuts, process them traditionally and then pack them before sending them to you. The walnuts have appeared on the trees this June. The walnuts from Shupiyan and from Kupwara in Kashmir are the tastiest of all walnuts in the world. No wonder, many of our clients who were consuming imported Californian and Chiliean walnuts are just in love with Aagur's walnuts. We hope to keep delighting you all especially once the limited supply milky-white walnuts come out in September.

Our quest for obtaining the best and rarest traditional varieties of dry fruits, spices and other edibles continues.

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Meenakshi Roy
Meenakshi Roy
27 de jun. de 2021

Just love your stuff !Everything is delivered on time and packed beautifully! Thank you 🙏 Waiting eagerly for the Kashmiri Mirch powder and the Rajma .

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