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Know your saffron (part 2 of 2)

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

In the first part of the blog, we discussed our sunshine spice, also known as saffron and Kesar. Then, we discussed how we obtain it from the plants, what are its harvest season and other imperative details regarding it. Now, it's time to inform you about the different types of saffron and how you can quickly determine which saffron is the best. As a result, you can buy saffron online without worrying about the quality easily.

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Different Types of Saffron You Must Know About

We all know that saffron is one of the most prized spices in the world. This crimson thread-like structure and golden tint hold no less importance than a legend. One major reason why it is important to know about the different saffron types is to make an informed decision while buying saffron. So, when we talk about saffron available in Kashmir, there are three types. These include Mongra Saffron, Laccha Saffron and Zarda Saffron.

Mongra Saffron:

Mongra is the finest quality of Kashmiri Kesar or saffron that contains red stigmas, picked by hand. It is the highest quality of saffron grown in Kashmir. Its deep red colour, strong flavour and warm aroma make it a preferable choice. Mongra saffron provides a natural flavour and colour to food, drinks and various beauty products.

Laccha Saffron:

Laccha saffron is the second-best variety of saffron available in Kashmir that comes with some yellow stigmas mixed with red ones. Pure laccha saffron is made from the broken stain of the flower. It has a unique and intense taste and thus is used while cooking different dishes. Moreover, it's globally deficient. Thus, it is expensive.

Zarda Saffron:

Zarda saffron is just the tail of the red filament from the flower. The bottom of the saffron laccha gives us zarda saffron. This type of saffron is known for its deep yellow colour; thus, you will find its usage more for beauty preparations. It has great antibacterial properties, and thus it helps fight different skin problems. However, manufacturers dont define it as pure saffron. As it is just the tail of the red filament from the flower, so it boasts its own set of characteristics.

How To Quickly Determine Which Saffron Is The Best?

Saffron is a very expensive spice. However, it boasts umpteen number of benefits. To relish the goodness of saffron, you would want to buy the best quality saffron. However, you must understand that not all saffron is of the same quality. To solve this problem, we have listed a few ways that can help you quickly determine which saffron is of the highest quality and which one is a fake.

Colour Release In Cold Water

One of the easiest ways to check whether the saffron is pure is by testing its colour release in cold water. Real saffron will slowly change colour into a golden hue. While changing the colour, pure saffron retains its red colour. On the other hand, with fake saffron, you may see water changes colour immediately, and threads also do not retain their colour.

Rubbing Saffron Strands With Your Fingers

Another way to identify pure saffron from a fake one is by soaking the saffron threads in cold water for a few minutes. Then take out a few pairs of saffron threads and place them on your finger. Rub the threads with your finger back and forth a few times. If the threads fall apart or turn to dust, then you are dealing with fake saffron, as pure saffron threads will not break apart.

Colour & Shape

If you buy saffron online, you can judge whether it's fake or pure by checking its colour and shape. High-quality saffron threads are deep in red colour and contain little to no yellow colour. Moreover, the shape of pure saffron threads have usually trumpet like shape. If you find a saffron thread different from this, then it is a sign of adulteration.


So, now you must be pretty much informed about what are the different types of saffron, how you can choose quality saffron and loads more things. Move on further and reap the benefits of this beneficial Indian spice by purchasing it from the most reliable provider Aagur. Here you can buy exclusive grade Kashmiri saffron that is sourced straight from plantations in Kashmir. Explore the whole saffron range today!

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