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Is Your Honey Pure Or Adulterated? Here's How You Can Check

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

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Honey is not something that is unknown to anybody on earth. After all, Acacia Honey is such a great natural resource with so many precious benefits for health. But did you know that there is pure honey and adulterated honey? Which one is pure? Which one is not? Adulterated or fake honey is often found in the market, so it becomes important to understand the difference between the two before you decide to make a purchase. Let's help you understand the difference between pure honey and adulterated honey and how you can differentiate between the two.

Ways To Identify Pure Honey From Adulterated One:

What is Real or Pure Honey?

Pure honey is one that comes directly from bees rather than from a factory. It is also known as organic or natural honey in shops. This is because the bees make pure honey, and organic honey is then taken by the bees that are organically fed on grown flowers.

What is Fake or adulterated Honey?

Fake honey, also known as adulterated one, is artificial honey that businesses make by adding glucose, molasses, sugar, dextrose, invert sugar, corn syrup, flour, and loads more similar products. All these additives make it fake honey.

5 Ways To Identify Pure Honey From Adulterated One

One of the easiest ways to know whether the honey you have purchased is pure or fake is by checking its physical qualities of honey. There are certain simple ways by which you can quickly tell if the honey you have purchased is pure or full of adulterated elements. Here are certain ways to differentiate pure and fake honey below:


Whenever you buy pure honey online, do check its stickiness. It won't be sticky when you rub it between your fingers if it's real honey. However, on the other hand, fake honey is sticky because of the added sweeteners in its production phase. This is one easy way to identify pure honey from adulterated one.


Pure honey does not stain as it is not easy to absorb. When you put a few drops of Acacia honey on blotting paper, you will notice that it will remain as it is on the top and won't be absorbed. But when you do the same thing with adulterated honey, it will be easy to absorb into the blotting paper and stains too.


When it comes to dissolving, pure honey does not dissolve in water. Instead, it will settle down in a lump at the bottom of the water. However, if stirred, then honey can dilute over a long time. On the contrary, fake honey is easy to dissolve and instantly dissolves in water, making it easy to notice that it is not pure.


The texture of pure honey is thick in nature and takes time to move. However, the fake honey is very runny, and quickie spills or moves when there's a movement. Therefore, one of the best ways to check the texture of your honey is by making it travel from one side of the jar to the other. This way, you can judge the purity of honey.


When we talk of the scent of pure honey, it is a very mild and floral fragrance. The smell can change with heating and cooling. But the fake honey has no smell at all or a sour kind of smell. So, with a little practice, you can judge both real and fake honey on the basis of scent.


So, with these five ways, you can identify whether the honey you have purchased is pure or fake. Now, if you wish to buy truly pure honey with no added altered ingredients, fragrance, or anything else, then Aagur is your best choice. Aagur sells the finest and purest honey sourced straight from the hills of Tral Kashmir. The honey from Aagur is completely free from preservatives, artificial flavors, and additives thickeners. So, check out the website today and reap the benefits of pure honey for your health.

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