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Exclusive cream-of-the-crop | Top 5% of all Kashmiri walnuts


Vacuum-packed within 24 hours of cracking the shell in Kashmir 


Freshest walnuts available online


Available only through September-April



The finest limited-supply extra-light kernels from Kashmir. Properly de-hydrated and crunchy, zero bitter pieces guaranteed. Organically grown in family owned groves, they are the Kupwari Kagzi strain of walnuts that are oil-rich, delicious and immensely beneficial for health. Our walnuts kernels are vacuum packed to ensure freshness in flavour when you recieve them.


Health benefits:

Apart from the deliciousness, this strain contains high-levels of Omega-3 fatty acids that are not just good for reducing oxidative stress in the brain, but also help to improve brain signalling and neurogenesis, which is the creation of neurons.


In addition, important nutrients such as vitamin E, folate and ellagic acid are all found in them which also contribute to neuroprotection and memory function.


Recommended storage:

Store in an air-tight jar and refrigerate. In winters, store it in a cool and dry place. Always keep away from direct sunlight.


Offered packaging of walnut kernels:

250 grams


Shelf life:

When stored as per recommendation, the shelf like of Aagur's extra-light walnut kernels is 3 months from the date of manufacture.

Kagzi Walnut Kernels (Rare extra-light halves)

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